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That’s right my fellow creatives; Today we’re tackling a BIG ONE

Think that's big?? Psssh -- Think bigger! I'm talking HUGE HERE -- That's only one sleeve of what I'm talking about!

After a very long work week, during which (despite my, and my great friend coffee’s best efforts), sleep constantly won the battle for my attention over writing on my beloved blog, i felt it only appropriate to tackle one of the biggest questions facing Mankind — and Womankind; love ya’ ladies — upon my return.

What is the meaning of life?

This is no bull people! This is the real deal. Prepare yourselves for life changing epiphanies, deep…Deep…DEEP thoughts, earth-quaking (too soon?) ideas, foundation shattering theories — and an entirely new outlook on life from the moment you finish reading this post onward!

Imagine going through life — certain that you not only have a purpose in this world, but armed with the knowledge of what it is, and how you might best go after it!

Be prepared good creative people of the world, this one’s a doozy! Here we go!

The Meaning of Life, and your reason for living it, is…………………..

Always, I repeat: ALWAYS, know where your towel is!

Thank you everybody its been great being back, and now I must bid you all adieu, as sleep beckons for me yet again!





What’s the problem?

Don’t look at me like that!

I said: “42”!

It’s a perfectly legitimate answer!

Now now, let’s not start with the name calling…




No good?

(Well i liked it — so there!)




How about this!

And there you have it! That, as well as “42”, is (are) the meaning (meanings) of life

🙂 A-Thank-Ya 🙂

Oh what now?

You’re still not happy?

(You’re never happy)

Bet i can guess your gender 😛

Now look! I can’t be bloody well expected to be held responsible for your issues with reading comprehension. Read between the lines people! It’s in there (I think…) — It’s only too deep for you to grasp! It’s just beyond your sights. It’s a trifle beyond your comprehension. It’s just a smidgen out of reach…

Ok, is it just me? Or is Adam hardly even trying?

But Seriously now…

Actually,  if you ask me (And you didn’t, but I’m telling you anyhow so brace yourself), the question itself seems a bit too direct. “What is the meaning of life”, as a question, presupposes a whole heck of a lot. Possibly the greatest assumption in there is that there is meaning in the first place.

There might not be

Or… There might be


But, for the time being at least, let’s assume that there is…

(Because if there wasn’t, we couldn’t ask the question)

Now, for there to be meaning at all, and for us to even be able to ask the question of; “what it is”, or even;”what it might be”, we must first assume that there is a type of plan for us all. Some purpose, some reason, some logic — hence the whole “Meaning” bit therein the question itself. Therefore, for there to be a meaning, there MUST be a plan. Something we’re doing. Something we’re after. What we’re meant for.

And so, furthermore, and thus by extension — a planner — and he/she (in-and-of themselves) in possession of some lofty goal for mankind as a whole. So now, if we ever honestly expect to garner any sort of reasonable answer for this age old question, which seems inexorably glued to the tips of people’s endlessly wagging tongues (or to even have the predilection to utter the pesky query in the first place), “Is there/what is the meaning of life?”, we MUST first assume that there is a type of creator.

And I think this is what he looks like

Now remember, just like before;

There might be

Or… There might not be


But, for the time being at least, let’s assume that there is…

(Because if there wasn’t, we couldn’t ask the question)

Now this is where the reasoning has a HUGE potential to get sidetracked. Personally, I alone know a multitude of individuals (and I’m sure you know even more as well), which at this point of the conversation would find themselves all-encompassed in the aimless pursuit of defining: what/who this creator is. My argument however, is that this particular question, despite seeming to lie at the core of the debate, is contradictorily unessential.

You see, because we have already asked the question pertaining to the meaning of life, we must assume that there is a creator, and in order for us to find out what/who they are (short of meeting them in person), we should probably start by looking at the evidence readily available to us. Anything else would be an exercise in pure opinion. And we all know who will win that argument…

The loudest person in the room.

Sure ya are bucko… sure ya are.


Not today.

Not here on the blog for the deranged and enlightened.

Here we hold ourselves to a higher standard.

A deranged standard.

An (arguably) enlightened standard.

(Screw standards)

Here we’ve learned to be observant, not critical, and cynical with a healthy dash of logic and optimism thrown in for good measure.

Here, and today, we will look at the evidence, and let it speak to the nature of God, the creator, the great energy, or the flying spaghetti-monster at the edge of space — whichever — on its own, and without our collective biases.

Now, and before i get going, let me take some time to clear something up. NO; I am not going to cite any holy book as my “Evidence”, nor am I going to speculate on anything from our “past” as the source of the “Evidence” I speak of.

If I aim to answer this question sufficiently I need to keep my conclusions exempt from any particular slant. Any potentially tainting points of view. I need to make sure that what I come up with is not only provable, but repeatable, and observable to all. Believe it or not, the meaning of life is all around us, and we don’t need anybody’s opinion mucking up our own personal process.

You see the way i look at it, we are all part of some sort of giant (or minuscule, depending on how far you stand back), Machine.

Because we have already established that: if we wish to ask “What is the meaning of life”, there must be A) a purpose for us all, B) a Creator, and C)… There is no C. Just checking if you were paying attention :-). Anywho, If this creator person made us, and he did so with a purpose, we are to him/her nothing but a tool. Something to be used to aid him/her with something else that he/she need’s help with (So much for being perfect…).

Because we are as nuanced as we are, with millions of us spanned across multiple continents, and thousands of us being born everyday, we must look at our society of humans, not only simply a tool, but as a complex Machine.

Now, because I’ve never met God, the great energy, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster that lives out at the edge of space, in person, I can’t hope to know what/who he/she/it really is. But, what i can do is learn about him/her/it through the product that he/she/it wishes to create. Much in the same way that i know humans need aluminum because of the presence of any number of factories that utilize the commodity here on earth.

Thus — Whatever the product, or byproduct, of human activity is, we can assume it to be essential to the creator.

Why else would we be needed?

If we’re not needed, we can’t ask the question.

Do you see where I’m going here?

Now, this fresh line of thinking leads us down two inseparable paths.

1) We can get closer to understanding what/who the creator is, by understanding the product that he/she/it’s needs.

2) The meaning of life (if in fact this is a question that we wish to ask) is for each of us to help operate this “Machine”.

That's you in the red there. Hi you!

What is the machine? What is our product?

We don’t know — Duh.

But , we can assume something from the fact that we don’t inherently know.

Either: A) there is no meaning to life, and we are merely here.

Or, B) there is meaning, we are part of a machine, but the knowledge of our operation is unessential to the production of the product.

Once again, for the purposes of this discussion, let us assume that there is a purpose to life.

(For otherwise, why bother asking the question in the first place?)

So, let’s recap. There’s a creator. It needed us to do something. By doing something we fulfill a need for this “Creator” person. We haven’t been told what we’re doing, but by the fact that we’re still here, we must still be doing it… whatever it is. So, in conclusion, simply by being alive we must me carrying out the operation of the “Machine”.



Right! Now it's sexy time, yes?

So… we know the meaning of life. We always knew it. To be a “Cog”, in a sort of giant “Machine”.

This is where we need to be creative, and partake in research. This is why I love science so much. Let the speculation begin!

Being that this post is already growing to be on the lengthy side, I’m going to try to wrap all this up. For your homework tonight, i want you to think about what our “Product” might be as humans, and how we might go about producing it better.

And think about this;

What if we discover what the product is… and stop making it?

What would happen?

If nothing, would that disprove the existence of “The Creator”?

Or does it prove that the question itself is flawed in some way?

Is there a better question than “What is the meaning to life”?

And, and possibly more importantly, why did Douglas Adams pick the number “42”, without ever telling us before he passed?

(Surely it couldn’t be simply that this was the episode of Monty Python that he partook in writing…)

Here are some ideas to get you started:

If our bodies are temporary, being that they eventually die away, but our thoughts are electrical, and the first law of thermodynamics (The scientific study of energy), is that “Energy can neither be created, nor destroyed”, than what happens to our “Energy” when we pass? Do our thoughts stay attached to the electric that dissipates upon our passing? And if so, could this be something that the “Creator” wishes to produce?

Is it possible that by killing our planet, as a natural side effect of living here, this might produce some sort of byproduct that can be used by the creator?

Is it possible that the “Creator” lives in another dimension, and by bringing together elements that exist in multiple dimensions (some, like gravity, stronger in other dimensions than ours), such as electricity, we might be helping the “creator” out by acting as some sort of generator? A “Device, or machine” that operates like perpetual motion?

If we are to ask this question at all, and accept that all the necessary assumptions which surround it are true, than must we also must accept the possibility that simply by being alive, evolving, and experiencing anything at all we are achieving our “Goal” as a “Machine”?… Is it then possible we are some sort of entertainment?

No matter what the truth is, we must accept that we don’t truly know. That is the bravest of all admissions. It’s the only admission that allows us to continue learning.

And learn we shall.

Above all else!

We must…

Personally,I believe that we are here to expand ourselves, with knowledge and experience, and to take the experience we had of “living” back to the “Creators” plane of existence, which will in turn expand it. In this way, we are all “The Creator”; Bits of random energy, looking to learn about existence, which scatters itself across all the dimensions that can be — looking to learn “What is” in this way/style of being. A way/style of being which might be adjacent to many others, possibly other “branes” next to ours, like poetic sheets flapping next to each other in the wind, that all need to be explored, and experienced, so that we, as parts of “The creator”, might learn what it is to exist.

In the end, and taking all this in, the meaning of life is not only simple, but obvious…

To live!

But enough about my thoughts.

It’s time to hear what you think.

Leave comments people!

What does our people machine produce?

(Hey, there’s the better question!)


(P.S. — I waited to post this two hours, because the spell-check isn’t working, and my spelling is atrocious, but alas it’s still broken and I yearn to hear all your thoughts. So I’m posting it! Please forgive lowercase “I” ‘s, and any spelling errors, for this post is long, and i am far from perfect 🙂