Thanks so much for stopping by Chicken soup for the deranged and enlightened mind, and welcome to my website!

This is the home of the blog with the complicated name, and the simple purpose:  to facilitate creativity in all it’s forms. Here you should always expect to find: a friendly, knowledgeable, well versed tone, that respects the intelligence of its readers; tons of content added multiple times a week, with a multitude of links and media that can help in your own furthered education on the topics that I cover; and, most importantly, pure unadulterated brain fodder, to grease up your creative gears, and get you back to working.

Go creative people: GO!

About me:

My name’s Jared Blake DiCroce (though i expect you’ve gathered as much from the top of this page), and I’m a Writer/Actor living and working hard in NYC, or at least that’s how I began my creative journey…

Now I can say with complete assurance that circumscribed within the realm of what I define as “Me” could easily include; cooking, blogging, science-nerd, techno-geek, homespun philosopher, lover, fitness advocate, bibliophile, wine enthusiast, and self-proclaimed creative person. I run my blog to aid in the generation of “Ah ha” moments for other creative types, as, all along my journey thus far in life, that’s what I’ve always gotten from them: so now it’s my turn to give back.

I genuinely hope that you enjoy your time here with me, as I know that (other than real estate), it’s the only thing that they’re not making any more of. Peruse at your leisure, leave a comment, and – please please please – if you find inspiration from what you come across here, leave me a comment and let me know:  it will definitively make my day.

No go creative people! This is your playground, and I invite you to play 🙂