Beth Kelly Photoshoot

For a heartbeat back in 07′ I had a manager handling my career, and, though the business relationship hadn’t worked out (she was very sweet, but I didn’t have much to “manage” at the time), she turned me onto a photographer friend of hers named Beth Kelly.

Beth was a real blast to shoot with, plus she has an apartment just south of midtown with rooftop access, that made for – coupled with her great equipment – fantastic shots with an undeniable NYC feel to them. As reluctant a muse as I was (I’m still working on it, as you know already if you’ve read the blog about modeling above – just click the word), she still pulled some life out of me, and that, I submit to you, is the ultimate testament to her talent.



If you like what you see, and you want to find Beth for yourself to set up a shoot, check out her website.

Oh, and I lmao (and you should too) @ #264… was I drunk?

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