Ok, so I’m aware that I probably shouldn’t admit this (especially in a place where industry types might graze along), but I don’t consider myself much of a model. Models are those overly emaciated, temperamental – binging and purging types – that have a penchant for throwing cell phones and judging others on aesthetics alone, and I’d never liked the idea of being lumped into a category with their lot.

However, the money can be good, and I cant help how I look (though I’m currently working on a time machine, and, given enough time – with consideration to the advancing state of genetics held in mind – I might be able to help how I look… but I digress), so far be it from me to deny a few greenbacks here and there to keep this hamster wheel-a-rollin.

In any case, regardless of what I might think about the subject (subject in this regard meaning me), photography is a bonafide art form, and – if you’ve ever read my blog – I’m sure you know what I think about art and creativity in general, and as such, photography is just fine by me.

Perhaps I’ll do a post later-on about the beauty illusion, or – Oh – even better, the difference between men and women in regards to their sexual identity from birth (seems to me the title needs some work), either one will make a fine topic, and when it’s written, I’ll tuck in a neat little link (with the reworked title), so hopefully by the time you’re reading this you can check it out.

If you go to the top of this page, and scroll over “Model” with your cursor, you should be able to check out a few shots of me looking studly as ever (ut-oh I’ve done it now – here come’s a purge…) and if that’s not enough to satisfy your need for all things Jared I’ll link the blog over to my other modeling websites, where you can find much-much more me to scratch that itch. Happy trolling!

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