Life, as I’ve learned, is not without a sense of humor. Or irony.


I’ve known I would be a stuntman for a while, ever since a buddy and I used to beat each other up to entertain a bus full of kids!

I should explain…

I had a bit of a troubled childhood. An only kid who moves a lot doesn’t make many friends — just as a rolling stone doesn’t gather any moss — and has no siblings or family that might come to their side in the case of an altercation. And my school?  Well, it liked violence. ALOT.

I’ve been hit with bats, attacked with a few knives, jumped, tackled, sucker punched, and humiliated more times than I can count, I’ve even had my head slammed into a locker just for walking down the hall too close to the walls. Quickly I came to realize that I had to figure out a way to stop the madness. And then, I found an ally. Someone who’d been going through the same exact thing as I was. So, we hatched a plan; Look so crazy that they avoid you“!

…And thus began my first soiree into fighting for an audience.

About twice a week we’d get off the bus last after school, screaming at each other like a fight was about to break out. Then, with the rest of our classmates peering through grime and stickers, we’d battle. Throws, hits, kicks, slams, falls… whatever (at the time I was a Kenpo student, so I’d tailor craft the violence personally), out there on the grass.

The thing is… it worked! The bullies got word of how crazy we were, and they stopped picking on us. Also, we found that… that we liked it. We were having fun. Like… a lot! So… we kept it up, and ramped up the violence. Skateboards, bricks, and textbooks became our weapons, and reversed backpacks and snapbacks became our armor.

It was just fun. Just two kids playing. Though, what started as surviving to live, became, in my adult life, living to strive — and fun to boot. My albatross brought me luck. I took fate’s tabled offer, and spun.

Quality Irony, in my opinion.

Maybe I should find some of the bullies and thank them for making me the man who I am. In any case, stunts are a big part of my life, and I train daily to support my talents. It’s brought me friends, skill, hardship, and challenge, and I’ll not give it up for the world.