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Greetings fellow creative enthusiasts!

It has been a while hasn’t it? It’s nice to see you — Really, it really is… 🙂

In the leave of our absence a lot has been going on with me — but… I only want to touch on all that briefly (if you don’t mind), because it is but a precursor to what revelations and thoughts I’ve uncovered in my own consequential personal growth which followed.

And i cant wait to share and hear your thoughts

So, here we go — My life since I’ve last seen you, in brief — I : 1) Went broke and found it difficult to write or be inspired while so low on the funds which I use to pay my rent and bills, 2) had a 6 year relationship end, leaving me missing a roommate, a lover, and a feeling like I’d gone missing a limb, 3) Managed to find a niche employment opportunity within my industry which makes me a little more money (and has gotten me back to some kind of normalcy financally), 4) Found a replacement roommate (an old friend), for my X — and now it feels like I’ve weathered some storm and have finally gotten back to some sort of business as usual.

Usual for me at least. HaHa…

All of this /\ took a long time for me. I was in a funk, to say the least (and as one might expect, I know I did), and I knew I just had to give things time — time, as they say, heals all wounds: an axiom I believe — while working hard as hell to secure my finances, and merely find myself again and seek balance.

All the while my completed book beckoned for an edit, pleaded for me to incubate its sister (the second in the series), and bellowed in pain while asking me to write a blog — its dear friend — but I found that I simply couldn’t get to the computer and sit still to organize my thoughts. I felt like a horrible person. It weighed heavily on me.

Just like that!

My friends, you’ve been on my mind. 🙂 So again, It’s really nice to see you all.

With my last post I’d broken my own taboo. I’d once promised myself, “No Politics!”, shouting it at myself like a hardened warden would to a prison full of his inmates, and yet in the end — I’d broken my own word with my last post…which has been echoing within me throughout my break.

In the beginning I ‘d wanted this blog — this shiny, beautiful new life I’d planned on bringing into this crazy world — to be pure.

I wanted this place to be a hallowed haven for ideas, opinions, creativity, and (and certainly most importantly), TRUTH. Real truth… honest truth…TRUE TRUTH! Truth that could span the test of time, and which we could share and grow upon together as a community — a community I would attempt to unite, like some city-boy attempting to tame a wild bronco on the open desert plain (I never saw the cactus coming…).

Politics would have no place in this revered space, this hallowed ground. How could it!?

Announcing that you are a democrat or republican,  EPP or PPS, socialist, capitalist, nationalist, anarchist — WHATEVER… — playing the “Politics” game would accomplish nothing. I wouldn’t care! And, (I figured), neither should my subscribers. If I want the right people — MY people — reading this here blog, than there would certainly not provide, nor permit, there to be any labels for which to hide behind.

If we wish to benefit from the world at large in the best possible way — which, lets face it, is what we’re doing here; You, I, and the rest of us —  than we would have to concede that it would be our differences that give us the most to learn from one another. Our unique perspectives shared. You see, uniting under a banner prevents that. It prevents organic points of view — the very place within us that’s born, and which lives, in our world and knows just what’s needed for good honest change — from surfacing. Replacing it instead with associates and a genially agreeable disposition.

You become a drone.

It's ok if you dont get it...

Look ~ basically it boils down to this: You want to debate the merits of tort reform here, be my guest. However, if you insist that republicans are simply the best, just the bees knees, and your reasoning is that they’ve got, collectively among all the men, the worlds biggest… Bank accounts… which is precisely what swells them with power, I’d not be able to find my virtual boot quick enough to kick you out of here (never doubt it people, we bloggers have this tool… and beware! It hurts!).

No sir. Not here. Not in my chapel.

You see I’d previously assumed that what happens in Washington was simply too corrupt and unworthy of my attentions praise. That if I spent time writing about it, that effort would be all for naught once a new individual was elected to our “Throne”. I figured that with time these people, with their Devonian minds and medieval belief system, would eventually devolve from their ranks up-high and the world as a whole would heal and grow unabated into the real future, the future without them pulling the strings to which we’re tethered — and finally we’d all be unchained, freed finally from their complex intellectual prison. And I believed we could exist separate of each other until that joyous time — Politics, Politicians and I — but, dear readers, during my queer absence I’d learned a thing or two about all this.

We are intractable.

Before my break I knew that I didn’t know nearly enough about all this, but during it I attempted to broaden my awareness about just what’s going on in the world: With the riots and rampant worldwide economic collapses; With the lies behind the smiles, and with the differences between the “news”, and the News;  And, and if I could manage, I wanted to learn these things not just in my home here in the US, but rather how they were relevant in perspective of the whole world!

~~This is what I’ve concluded from this journey~~






~~People… I think we’re in a heap of trouble~~
Pop Quiz!

What do;

Oil… Riots on wall street… Riots and revolutions around the world… The national debt crisis in the US(/and 10+ nations around the world)… The war in Iraq… Our national/Worldwide electrical grids… Lack of jobs… Food quality around the world… Law enforcement… Postal workers… Air traffic controllers… and more… Have to do with one another???? The Devil’s in the details…


(Peak Oil to be more specific)

Currently in the US we consume around 100 million barrels of oil a day. This glop. This clump of dead organic matter. This essential and finite linchpin of us humans is looking to prove our ultimate Achilles heel if we don’t act soon — because peak Oil has passed my friends. Worldwide production has been in a  8 Million barrel a day decline for some years now.

It’s running out…

Oil is everything.

When mankind discovered Oil it saw a population boom that made us the massive society we are today. 7 billion and growing… From the 7 Gallons that goes into making every single standard car tire that we drive, to the other refinements which power it, coat it, give it color, furnish it, and give it that fresh new car smell we all love, the truth is undeniable: Oil powers the way we move.

Airplanes crop dust the fields that grow our food (and even our foods food) — Oil.

Trucks and boats ship it around the globe to be packaged in plastic, than ship it back around the globe to the market — More Oil.

We drive to pick it up at a store which keeps it at pristine temperature with electricity — More Oil still.

We burn it to turn generators that generate our power, giving life to the gadgets that will prepare the food and make delicious our fares — Oil, more Oil, and ever more Oil still!

Now, let me ask you…

What do you suppose would happen if all that Oil ran out…?

Saudi Arabia is said to have 25% of the global share of oil — the largest reserve on the planet — and yet they’ve resorted to offshore drilling as of late. Think about risk and return here. If the Saudis are running out they certainly wouldn’t tell anyone because that would start a revolution within a society that’s just started to grow due to the sale of this very same commodity — they couldn’t afford that. Their society would surely regress and then collapse without it.

So If Saudi Arabia, with the worlds largest swath of oil, has resorted to something nearly 50x more expensive to build/operate (meanwhile these are appraisal wells. They have no idea what refining costs will be until they see the oil that comes from the individual well. There is even a good chance that their investment will not yield, but rather cost them money in refinement. Think about what would push them to take this risk…), than we can assume that they’re out. And if they’re out, everyone’s out because if the sheer size of their reserves.

The only means of gathering Oil left to the world are becoming increasingly unbalanced in the “Product price .Vs. Energy investment” battle. And when that happens, no-one will invest in it, because no-one will be able to afford the product, or even the production of it.

Iraq therefore, and the war at large, was all about the Oil. Ten days after 9/11 and the plan to invade is already being written? In this country, where we’re known for being slow to act, that is a nanosecond’s nanosecond! The government knows that without Oil we would collapse as a society.

Need more evidence that we’d never planned to leave Iraq, just take a look at the recently abandoned Vatican city sized Military complex we put there, Camp Victory. We figured that we would march in there with our big American corporate mindset and backing, and make the Persian Gulf pipeline a reality so we could suck that baby dry.

But, in the end, what we discovered was horrifying.

~In the wells we’d planned to make in order to keep our Oil hunger surfeited we found only 90 Billion barrels total~

Remember, we consume currently upwards of 100 million barrels a day, meaning 90 billion would last us a grand total of — Two and a half years………..

Time is running out…

Do you see why I’m a bit freaked out? Recall also that we have a population boom in progress based on what Oil provides for us… Our modern lifestyle, with; electricity, warm food, supermarkets, roads, commerce, government, the post office, air traffic controllers, the police. All these seemingly unrelated things are united under the fact that they need Oil as a product being dealt actively in order to exist. The government knows that without Electricity we fail as a nation. Without Oil we currently cannot run. We need an alternative.

Let’s Check the Lineup!


Is a joke. I mean really. Net cost energy vs. production ends up costing more energy to produce the stuff than you get from burning it, which is the very concept of “Net-Energy”. Plus it uses some crude oil in binding — which remember we won’t have. Also, for Ethanol to merely supplement a small percentage of what Oil provides for us today would take every bit of farmable cornfield we have! This should fall on deaf “Ears”. It’s utter nonsense… Next!


With a tremendous effort to build these behemoths, their production alone costs tons in energy — which we wont have. From the Oil that is used to melt the steel that forges the structure, to the specialized plastics that are utilized for workers modicum of safety, without Oil the structure itself would be an impossibility. Not to mention that we still have no way of dealing with nuclear waste. If we totally lean on Atomic energy alone to supplement Oil A) we still cant use any Oil based product, and B) we would have to continue building and maintaining containment vessels, which could pile on expotential energy costs over time. Again think about energy potential production vs. cost. Can’t be done, it’s illogical… Next!


I always have to remind people that; Electricity is a product, not a resource. It is created using other means — mostly Oil. So all you and your electric cars are, are a proverbial Band-Aid on a much wider arching issue 😉 (Love my EV people). This is not an alternative unless we change the structure of our world, and fast — specifically to two more options much farther down the list.


Much like electrical energy and atomic, Hydrogen power still relies on an Oil source to manufacture a car. Not to mention the Oil energy that’s used tor refinement. Every piece of a vehicle uses Oil. Remember  7 Gallons of oil go into making every tire on a standard car — Over 20 on trucks. Not a viable option without the service that OIL provides us… NEXT!


Uses coastlines, and saltwater is very corrosive. Repair, and manufacture therefore rely on Oil to be done. Without Oil… You see where I’m going here? Can’t work… Next!


I’ve been an advocate of solar energy for many years. Recently many innovations dealing with over excited electrons have been resolved, effectively doubling their efficiency, making their net energy gain greater than that of even nuclear power. Unfortunately what we fail to take into account with this option is that there is no infrastructure to carry the charge currently in place. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of cable line and transformers (which leech energy from the harvested charge the further we have to run it), that will make our production scale trumped by resources in the situation we find ourselves in globally. It’s possible, but doubtful. We probably needed to stop everything else and start building in 2009 if we wanted to have a chance at being ready for what’s to come. We didn’t. And here we are.


Yet another great option, but again we have nothing built, and no one being hired to build them…..

So where does this leave us?

My friends around the world, our structure of society, having not been carefully calculated by the people who make/have made decisions in our stead, is seemingly poised to crumble. The key to prosperity’s door, which we once knew all too well (at and before the peak of oil), is fading away… Like all so many bubbles that swelled and ruptured before us, mankind is poised to pop from its surging 7 Billion person population — without our beloved supermarkets, cars, and paychecks many will be helpless to do anything at all.

This is what the rallies on wall street chant against boisterously without even knowing it. They rally for a better life as they witness the decline of their society begin before their eyes. Through the guise of our experiences has mankind shaped our reality to date, and the reality we’d shaped hadn’t been properly planned out. We’re in a hole from which we cannot climb out of easily nor quickly. It would seem we thought we could grow for ever, and possibly scrape the sky to be a god, but in our pursuit we might just have flown too near the sun and be currently engaged in a great floundering mid-air spiral toward our death as a species.

Survival of the species. Social Darwinism. Call it what you like. Times will be tough friends.

The Governments of the world, ironically the very people we should hope to look to for answers in this type of  harrowing time, are themselves as well powerless to effect needed change in this instance, due to bureaucracy and entanglements with their respective central banks and their debts. They — Obama, The Republicans, The Tea-Partiers, Libertarians and all — all live in a prison of the reality our experience has shaped. Now what we are sensing, but not quite articulating aloud yet, on wall street and around the world — is that it all needs to go.

The whole thing.

The entire system.

We need to respect the scientific fact that infinite growth is not plausible for a species, and we need to learn to live within our means in regards to our impact on the planet. Indeed we need each other now. We need to figure a way of making a homeostasis of sorts here, on our home-world, so we can live in the world sustainably — Or we’ll die. It’s as simple as that.

Grow up or die world…And that’s it!

So that’s where my heads been these last few months. To me it’s like we’re all on a desert island with limited resources and we’re giving every supply we’ve got to one guy: the businessman. Our lives should not rest on him, nor any president alone. Were all in trouble here, and we’re all capable of thinking up a good scheme to help, yet we have no resources for which to act. So there we are; angry and starving, and unable to beat the bloody businessman senseless and take what we want because even what he has is only merely a symbol, not a solution — and without energy, not gold or silver but energy, to back up that money, it’s worthless. Paper on an island can’t make the boat go. We don’t need paper, which we keep printing for some reason (I cant wait to take a bushel of 1,000 dollar bills in a wheelbarrow to go buy some lettuce), we need energy!

So yea…  I’m over the depression and the helplessness that came with this weight, not to mention everything that was going on in my life added atop, and now I’m doing all I can to mentally prepare for what I hope to be a swift and painless, yet unavoidable, revolution — And now I’m also telling you.

When will it happen? Who knows. They wont release the data on how much oil’s left. I’d say certainly well before 2020, that’s for sure. And how long will it last? 20 years? I don’t care. I just feel lucky to be alive. You know why? Because for a long time id believed that there was a lot of good in this world that wasn’t getting out. Particularly from that 99% people keep talking about. And just the other day, I went to a 99% art exhibit over at the Chelsea art Museum and was reminded of something very important.

There’s Beauty in the world

With everything going wrong in the way we chosen to live, and it’s ramifications oozing sludge on the people in this world, creativity and invention are pressured and stifled. But extreme pressure is precisely what forges a diamond.
All this sludge — the businesses caught up in it, and the people…

our governments held hostage by it,

and the people who are enslaved within it
within a very real Pyramid Scheme type of social structure —
all this has been adding up for so long on the backs of the 99% that it’s gotten to the point where we can’t hardly breathe.

But, look there… Here comes the light.

These pieces are but a blade of light shining through the nightshades curtain which has been draped over our luminous ingenuity as a people for far too long. As I walked around this gallery at the behest of a friend, who himself was there to support another friends work, I was reminded of all the good that will be released into the world once this cycle of pain and oppression ends.

We will be better.

We will be stronger.

We will be smarter.

We will be healthier.

A new world, is on the way.

Take Care Readers

(and mabye buy some seeds and learn to grow…)

Many ideas in todays blog were inspired by Michael Ruppert, in an interview documentary from 2009 entitled, “Collapse”. A very good watch.

Also, I fully plan on crediting the artists from the gallery, but it was an event so it’s not on their website yet, and I am waiting for the museum to mail me back a list of their names. I will update that soon. Thanks for reading!