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Generally on this blog i like to delve out precious pearls of wisdom and/or insanity — but today I’m busy editing, so how about a change of pace?

Today I’d just like to share with you all a small segment (of which I’ve recently edited), from my Book, “Welcome to the Future”: a Sci/Fi futuristic adventure. I welcome all comments, feedbacks, critiques, or praises, all that I ask of you is honesty.

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Chapter 3          


The kitchen light illuminated in anticipation of Holly entering the room — a neat trick of programming, considering that Holly, was a hologram.  Daniel had always wanted a hologram, and had always wanted to name it Holly, mostly because he thought the title, “Holly the Hologram” was an endearing one (and, not to mention, fun to say).  Holly, on the other hand, didn’t care much for titles, and cared even less for her name.

For a hologram, which is only an interactive 3D program with a finite (yet vast) string of predetermined responses, this type of self reflective thought simply didn’t exist.  So when Holly shared the contempt she held over her own name with Daniel, and suggested Jill as an alternative, Daniel was, needless to say, flabbergasted.

For a hologram to express dislike of it’s own name and suggest “Jill” as an alternative, is like having your DVD player tell you that it doesn’t care much for the movies you watch, and suggest that you go out and rent the Matrix trilogy instead.  Daniel spent the next few weeks after Holly’s confession scratching his head and trying to figure out what exactly he had done wrong with her programming, when finally it struck him.

Daniel figured there were two elements at play when you broke Holly down to her most simplistic components; her memory, and her personality.  He had intended on storing Holly’s personality on his apartment’s internal computer; thus giving her access to everything electronic in the house — allowing her to effectively become his maid, cook, and super all in one.  As for Holly’s memory, Daniel had planned to give up a large segment of unused space from his own brain chip.  Having this connection to her would give him access to all the things Holly saw and learned, and would in theory make him seemingly exist in two places at once.  It would appear though that in his haste, Daniel had mixed up the two.

This meant that Holly’s memory was now bound to the apartment’s main computer; a completely unsuitable and wholly inefficient place for it to be.  It also meant that her personality was stored deep within Daniel’s own brain.  Having Holly’s personality trapped in a place with human thoughts, desires, and emotions coursing through it, seemed to have had a profound effect on her programming.  The end result of which became a hologram — that acted, thought, and behaved, as if she were a human.

This implied two very important things about Holly; Firstly, it meant that Holly had access to something that the most sophisticated robots of the time, let alone simplest holograms, did not have access to — the full spectrum and scope of human emotion. Secondly it meant that Holly, were she to feel so inclined, could access whatever Daniel was viewing, thinking, or calculating, at any given moment, by simply interpreting the data streams that naturally flowed across the chip.  In this way Holly was one of a kind, really the first of her kind, and once Daniel realized what had happened, he certainly had no intention of “Fixing her”, or going back to the way things were.

So Daniel ordered a memory upgrade for his home — to provide Holly with a proper brain — and then he sealed off her section of his chip, so he might maintain a certain level of privacy.  Everything else he left alone.  Daniel was grateful for a companion that was more than a program, and Holly was ecstatic to learn that she was the first and only self aware non-humanoid living on (or around) planet earth.  So ecstatic, in fact, that she still tolerates the name, “Holly”, to this day and never again suggested that she instead be called “Jill”.

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