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Lone gunmen hiding in open fields, organizations that run the world with evil clandestine plans, aliens that came here thousands of years ago to cultivate a new society of slaves, freaky experiments of time and space, quirky loopholes in the space-time continuum, and all the enshrouded individuals that know about it: this is,

~My top ten favorite conspiracy theories~

Here on my blog for the deranged and enlightened, I understand all too well that no amount of good advice or clever wordplay can excite the mind quite like a good list. Today I present to you – good creative people – a top ten list of my all time favorite conspiracy theories. I encourage you all to leave, in the comments below, any or all of your own personal favorites that I may have missed, or even significant elements to the ones listed that I might have overlooked.

Here we go:
#10 ~ Plum Island

Mystery, intrigue, purported government cover-ups: these are the things at the heart of any good conspiracy theory, and Plum Island is no exception.

To the public, Plum Island is a federally run animal disease center that investigates various pathogens and estimates how they might effect the human populace at large were there to be an outbreak (is it just me, or does this remind anyone of the Umbrella corporation? Braaaiiinnnssss).

Over the years, the facility has gleaned great interest from conspiratorial proponents worldwide; as during the cold war the site was a center for biological weapons research, the private three mile island does not permit any civilian visitors whatsoever, and their operations and experiments are – to this day – shrouded in mystery, with no public record of their business to speak of.

The strange animal chop shop saw a resurgence in its popularity a few years back when the infamous Montauk Monster washed up on the shores of eastern long island.

The abomination was explained away with claims that it was a dog, a raccoon, or a large shell-less turtle in an advanced state of degradation, but I think we all know what’s going on here. Prepare to bow to your animal overlord’s people: the rise of the beasts is upon us!


Don’t stop now, only nine more to go!

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