Just for fun

I like you people, I consider you my friends, and, in the hopes of strengthening our bond together I would like to be completely frank. I can be honest with you, can’t I? I’ve always felt that unwavering honesty was the hallmark of a healthy relationship…

Ok here goes…

These pictures that you’re looking at are – more-or-less – just the goofy unclassifiable bunch that i couldn’t bear not to share with you, but technically had no purpose being here on the site. As you already know if you’re here (and you are… aren’t you?), it was tucked away in a subcategory of a banner that is easy to miss, so i guess what I’m saying is… Congratulations for finding the first (of what i hope to be many), Easter egg of my site!

In here we can get to know each other far more intimately, as – and I’m sure you’ll come to see – some of these candid shots are slightly character proving, and (as in the case of the toasty pics), not always in a good way. I’ll be updating this page a lot, as i get more fun pics, but for now, enjoy, browse, and unwind with me creative people, and as always, when you’re done, go create!

Hope you enjoyed the randomness!

  1. Character forming stuff !!!

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